Dulce vida tequila

DVT is a long-time FS sponsor and partner. They’ve always been there to help us make our events the most fun possible! We’ll have DVT available at the Welcome Party and (unless you drink it all), the Sunday afternoon show. Visit Dulce Vida Tequila!


Tito’s vodka

Enjoy Tito’s Vodka - a local Austin favorite that you can get all over the USA - at both the Welcome Party (Friday) and Sunday show, both at FS-HQ. Go check out Tito’s on Facebook!


Austin’s pizza

There might not even be a Full Service without Austin’s Pizza. It’s how Smell and Twinky-P met Hoag and Bonesaw waaaay back in 2005! They’ve also hosted many shows, sponsored many events (including Circus #1 and #2) and so much more. Come hungry to the Welcome Party on Friday and get ready for some delicious AP! Visit Austin’s Pizza online.